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Earlier this year, HMD Global revived Nokia’s classic 3310 candy bar phone with only the slightest updates. And next month, the phone is in for another tweak: a new version is getting support for 3G, which will open it up for use in a lot more countries — including the US. The phone should work on AT&T and T-Mobile, but not Verizon and Sprint.

The new Nokia 3310 3G will sell for €69 (about $81 USD), a slight bump up from the original version, which sold for €49 (about $58 USD). There are some other slight changes, too: the new model is ever-so-slightly taller, wider, and thicker. And in a very big change, its estimated battery life is way down, from 22 hours of talk time on the 2G version to just 6.5 hours on the 3G version.

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