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Owners of the ill-fated Note 7 will be able to get the Note 8 at a discount.

The Galaxy Note 7, to keep things short, had an interesting life. After being recalled twice, the phone was reborn earlier this year as the Galaxy Note Fan Edition. Now, users who owned Samsung’s late-2016 flagship will have a reason to celebrate that phone’s short life.

The Verge reports that users who owned a Note 7 can trade their current phone — whatever that device may be — for up to $425 off the Note 8, with the actual discount received dependent on the make and condition of the phone being traded in. Given how expensive the Note 8 is, that’ll go a long way towards the cost of the new phone. Even with the full discount of $425, the Note 8 would still be more than the price of the latest OnePlus 5.

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