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If you want a big, powerful gaming laptop but don’t want to buy a pickup truck to carry it around, the 17.3-inch Razer Blade Pro is a nice option. Unfortunately, it starts at $3,999, which is a lot of money. Today Razer is adding a new $2,299 17.3-inch Blade Pro model to the lineup. It’s still a lot of money but, you know, less of a lot.

Unfortunately, the new Blade Pro is a lot less “Pro,” too. The new laptop has a GeForce GTX 1060 instead of a 1080, a matte 1080p 120Hz screen instead of a 4K G-Sync touchscreen, and the membrane keyboard switches from the 14-inch Blade line instead of the mechanical keyboard the high-end Blade Pro has.

Can you guess which is which?

There are some upsides to the reduction…

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