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Razer’s new Wolverine Ultimate controller has a lot going on. It’s sort of a whole situation. Let’s break it down with bullet points:

  • It’s a wired controller that works with PC or Xbox One. It has a 10 foot braided USB cable, which can be unplugged, but that just makes it a controller that’s not connected to anything, not a wireless game controller.
  • Oh man, it’s $159.99. How much do you love video games?
  • It has Razer Chroma RGB lighting so you can look down at your controller and remind yourself that, yes, you do in fact love video games.
  • Razer made a version of its Synapse software for the Xbox. I don’t even know how that’s a thing now, but you can use the software to remap the buttons and set up your favorite colors. Obviously you can…

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