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LaVar Ball Fires Back at Jordan ‘I’ll Beat You With 1 Arm’


LaVar Ball ain’t backin’ down from Michael Jordan — saying he’s STILL confident he’d crush MJ in 1-on-1 even if he had 1 arm tied behind his back. 

The Big Baller attacked LaVar at his basketball camp earlier this week, saying, “I don’t think he could beat me even if I was 1-legged.”

Ball’s response? 

“I could beat him with 1 hand tied behind my back with some glasses on with one eye lens out with some flips flops on in the rain.”

There’s more … LaVar also goes after Shaq’s diss track — blasting the dude as old and irrelevant. 

Then it’s on to Charles Barkley … saying Chuck was talkin’ out his ass when he said Lonzo and the Lakers aren’t a playoff team.

Enjoy …