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Buying a Note 8 outright? Be prepared to part with a crap-ton of cash.

Today is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 day, so of course at least one retailer has jumped the gun and prematurely published its product page. British mobile giant Carphone Warehouse has let slip a full spec sheet for the device (largely confirming what we’ve known for some time through other leaks), along with the first UK pricing details. According to the now-pulled product listing, spotted by The Inquirer, a SIM-free Note 8 will set you back a cool £869. On-contract prices will apparently start at £49 per month and £59.99 upfront for a 5GB plan.

Both numbers are expectedly steep, the SIM-free cost being around £100 north of the Galaxy S8+’s launch price, and contract prices also beginning a tier above that device. As for other markets, a UK price around that level would equate to a euro price around the €900 point, with U.S. prices possibly approaching an eye-watering $1000 for anyone buying outright. That’s a lot of cash, however you break it down — through broadly in line with the rumors.

We’ll learn more about the Galaxy Note 8 at today’s launch event in New York City — stay tuned for full coverage.