The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Late-Night Hosts Get Job Security in Trump Era With Long-Term Deals

Trevor Noah, John Oliver and Bill Maher are getting multiyear extensions from Comedy Central and HBO. read more

Trevor Noah Scores 5-Year ‘Daily Show’ Contract Extension at Comedy Central

The deal, which includes year-end specials featuring the host, will keep him on the Viacom-owned cable network through more

Hillary Clinton Adds ‘Daily Show’ to New Press Tour

The former Democratic presidential candidate will appear on Nov. more

Late-Night Hosts Blast Trump on DACA Decision

“This morning, our president woke up and asked his staff, ‘Now that this hurricane is over, what is something horrible I can do to distract people from the Russia...

‘The Daily Show’ Adds Dulce Sloan as New Correspondent

She will make her debut on the Comedy Central this week with an in-studio more

Trevor Noah Defends Melania Trump’s Hurricane Stilettos

"In Melania’s defense, she lives in a permanent disaster zone, and that’s what she always wears.”read more

Trevor Noah Criticizes Trump’s Sheriff Arpaio Pardon

Noah described the controversial Arizona official as a man who is just "anti-being a decent human being."read more

Trevor Noah Takes On Trump’s Multiple Personalities

"Think of him as the Academy Award winner for best actor in a presidency."read more

Trevor Noah Pokes Fun at Trump Staring at Eclipse, Jokes Melania Should Have “Escaped”

Correspondent Roy Wood Jr. appeared in another segment to give advice to white more

Late-Night Hosts Tease Trump Over Leaked Phone Calls, Mueller’s Grand Jury

“Donald, you’re the president of the United States. It’s like being a parent. You have to love all the states equally, even if one of them is Eric," said...

Trevor Noah, David Alan Grier Mock Jeff Sessions and “Racism Against White People”

"If American colleges were any whiter, Jon Snow would build a wall to protect us from them," said the 'Daily Show' more

Trevor Noah Predicts How Hollywood Will Affect the 2028 L.A. Olympics

"In order to give the games a true L.A. feel, they are going to be introducing a couple of new events including the white Bronco chase — very challenging."read...

Late Night Says Goodbye to “The Mooch”

"He said he was going to fire everybody, and I've got to admit, he delivered." read more

Trevor Noah Calls POTUS an “Insult Comic,” Talks Late-Night TV in the Trump Era

"There are things to be angry about. There are reasons to mobilize. But some of this stuff Donald Trump does, hey, just laugh at that," Noah more

Late-Night Hosts React to O.J. Simpson Parole News

"Technically, the Juice is not on the loose yet — he could be released by Oct. 1 — on which date, he will be picked up at the Lovelock...