J.C. Spink, Producer and Master of the Script Sale, Dies at 45

He founded Benderspink with college buddy Chris Bender, and they were behind such films as 'The Hangover,' 'We're the Millers' and 'A History of Violence.'read more

Trish Vradenburg, Sitcom Writer and Advocate in Fight Against Alzheimer’s, Dies at 70

She worked on 'Designing Women,' 'Family Ties' and 'Kate & Allie.'read more

Bernard ‘Bud’ Wiser, Writer and Producer on ‘One Day at a Time,’ Dies at...

He also worked on 'All in the Family' and 'Who's the Boss?' and received an Emmy nomination for his work on a documentary about Siberia.read more

Clifton James, Sheriff in James Bond Films, Dies at 96

His long list of roles includes the swaggering, tobacco-spitting Louisiana Sheriff J.W. Pepper in the Bond films.read more

‘Goodfellas’ Cinematographer Michael Ballhaus Dies at 81

The German DOP worked with star directors like Martin Scorsese, Robert Redford, Rainer Werner Fassbender and Wolfgang Petersen. read more

Comedian Charlie Murphy Dies at 57

The 'Chappelle Show' star died from leukemia on Wednesday. read more

Peter Hansen, Longtime Actor on ‘General Hospital,’ Dies at 95

He played Lee Baldwin on the venerable ABC soap after starring in such films as 'When Worlds Collide' and 'The Savage.'read more

Guy O’Sullivan, Veteran Reality TV Producer, Dies at 49

He was recently working on bringing the hit format 'The Great British Bake Off' to Canada. read more

Tim Pigott-Smith, ‘Jewel in the Crown’ Star and Stage Actor, Dies at 70

He became a regular on British TV screens in everything from 'Doctor Who' to 'Downton Abbey.'read more

Sheila Bond, Tony Winner and ‘Marrying Kind’ Actress, Dies at 90

The Broadway veteran won for 'Wish You Were Here' and also was in 'Make Mine Manhattan,' 'Street Scene' and 'Damn Yankees.'read more

Janine Sutto, Prolific Stage and TV Actress, Dies at 95

She had a 70-year film, TV and theater career in Canada's French-speaking province. read more

Sol Negrin, Emmy-Nominated Cinematographer on ‘Kojak,’ Dies at 88

He collected four Clio Awards and worked on 'The White Shadow,' 'St. Elsewhere' and 'The Concert for Bangladesh.'read more

‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ Mother Darlene Cates Dies at 69

Cates played the housebound mother to Johnny Depp's Gilbert Grape in the 1993 film.read more

Noreen Fraser, Co-Founder of the Stand Up to Cancer Crusade, Dies at 63

The producer started a movement that raised millions of dollars to help combat the disease. read more

Allan Weiss, Writer on 6 Elvis Presley Movies, Dies at 90

He was there in 1956 for the singer's first Hollywood screen test and later penned 'The Sons of Katie Elder.'read more